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Kingdom Hearts stuff in Pokemon X & Y, a 13 hour clock. Organization XIII? Is Pokemon collaborating with Kingdom Hearts in the near future?

Also the Pokemon Amie interaction is a lot like the one in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. Every time I go on the Amie, I cannot help but remember my Dream Eaters in the Kingdom Hearts game. A lot of the new Pokemon look like the Dream Eaters as well.

Also the battle versus Kalos Champion Diantha is a set-piece ripped straight from Kingdom Hearts. There is a Pokemon war just like the Keyblade war.

The new Pokemon, Klefki, Kind of resembles a Keyblade in my opinion. In the game Kingdom Hearts, Sora has a silver Keyblade and Mickey has a gold Keyblade.

In Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, there is a thug that resembles Xehanort. He talks about darkness in hearts and whatnot.

What do you guys think about this? Is it just a coincidence or did the Pokemon company do this on purpose?

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